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I have over 40 years experience.

Born Psychic from many generations of Psychics. I have also been initiated as a Shaman. My readings are in depth and based around the Medicine Wheel – looking at Emotional, Physical, Mental and spiritual aspects of a client.

I make use of Palmistry, Channelling, Automatic Writing and various Tarot decks.

I believe it is not enough to tell a client the challenges they are going through, but also to offer techniques to overcome those challenges.

If nothing is going right – then you may have a curse/spell on you. My speciality is the removal of curses/spells – from which ever source they are coming from – generational – Wicca – witchcraft – Hoodoo etc.

My services include – but are not limited to :-

  1. Psychic Readings.
  2. Removal of Curses / attachments.
  3. Energy Shifts.
  4. Paranormal Disturbances – House Clearings and Blessings.

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